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    Just received my Nokia 620 and installed a 64gb micro sd card so I can put around 20gb of photos on to it.

    For some reason I am unable to share certain photos. It happens with specific photos and makes no difference if I'm trying to attach from within the app(i.e email/whatsapp/twitter) or if I'm attempting do it directly from the photo hub (i.e choosing the photo and then hitting the share link).

    If I try and open the affected photos in a photo editing app like Creative Studio it brings up an error message "file type not supported". All the photos are normal .jpegs taken on the same device - one photo will work fine and then the next one in the album will not.....

    I can view the photos fine from the photo hub. It's also important to note that photos on the phone's memory are not affected by this.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    02-18-2013 06:53 AM
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    Firstly, are the "affected photos" always the same ones ? Meaning that if a photo has this problem it will always have this problem in the future ?
    Or maybe some photos that could not be shared can, later, after a number of tries, be shared ?

    In the first case I would try looking for common things inside those photos.. any characters or data inside the filename and/or exif data.
    For the second case it's probably a memory-card compatibility problem and can not be done much about it, other than trying different brands or specs of memory cards.

    I'm afraid the second case is more likely considering many others had problems with high capacity memory cards (generally 32GB and bigger).

    I know there were a few topics around here regarding memory card compatibility... someone was suggesting formatting the card on the computer using fat32 file system, before installing it in the phone.
    02-21-2013 08:42 AM

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