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    So, just 10 days ago I managed to buy a recent production Nokia Lumia 920, with Portico installed. A white one, real pretty but very slippy, had to get a case right away just to not drop it. Otherwise for 10 days, the Lumia 920 did great... This morning, I have a shower, go back to my room... guess what... Lumia 920 which had 97% battery was dead... it no longer reacts or anything. So I pull the SIM and put it back into my trusty HTC 8X. While some 8X owners seem to be affected by reboots which I believe are due to faulty RAM, most 8X do their job and don't die just like that. We have yet to have a single HTC mobile phone in my company or among my friends that has issues... I had 3 Nokias, 800,900,920... 800 the battery was a joke, the 900 was ok (Made in Korea), the 920 dies after 10 days of use...
    I think MS should pay HTC whatever it takes to come up with a WP8 version of their new ONE!
    So thumbs up 8X... and 920... well going to see how Nokia care deals with it here in Switzerland.
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    Have u tried to plug it in? Also try doing a soft or hard reset
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    02-21-2013 09:55 AM
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    I tried everything :-( Tears...

    Tonight, gave the soft reset one more try and... Little miracle... It worked! 920 restarted! Going to drain the battery and recharge it, I think the battery meter is not calibrated at all... Might have caused a problem.
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    I was struggling with my L920 for like 2 month, getting one defective device after the other! My new 8X just works fine and was 200 Euro cheaper here in Germany!!! ME = HAPPY! :)
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    02-27-2013 01:05 AM

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