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    I've sent my phone off to Nokia once for the flash not working on my camera. I received it back after two weeks with a letter stating that they cannot find anything wrong with my phone, but the flash was working again so I wasn't worried about it. After 5 days, the flash will no longer work again after I messed with the scene option under photo settings. I've factory reset the phone, reset the camera and tried messing with the camera settings again. I'm thinking that its software related and not hardware related. Its just really annoying that my phone no longer works properly. I called Nokia and they stated that nothing is wrong with my phone but they will escalate the claim but after two weeks and several phone calls they aren't helping me at all. All the updates have been done to the phone. My OS version is 8.0.10211.204 and Firmware is 132.5951.1249.0001.

    Has anybody had this problem or know a fix to it?
    02-24-2013 11:26 AM

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