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    When I had my L900, the 'text to speech' option, the one that reads text messages and lets me respond to them by voice, was a little glitchy. With the L920, believe it or not, it actually has gotten worse for me. Here's the problem.

    I spend a lot of time driving, and not wanting to text and drive, I thought it was great when the whole voice texting started. With my original Samsung Focus, it worked very, very well.

    Fast forward to my Lumia 900, and my new car, which has an 'aux in' jack so I can plug my phone in and listen to the music on it. Works well enough, but trying to have music play while using a bluetooth headset for texting - not so much. The incoming text would stop the music (ok, I get that) beep in the headset, beep over the stereo speakers, then tell me I have a message through the headset. (NOTE: This is with the 'read incoming texts' option set to headset + bluetooth). If I try to set the incoming text reading to 'bluetooth only' and use the output jack for my music, the whole system failed. I got a beep in my headset and then nothing. No reading texts, no responding to texts, it was just busted, unless it was set to 'headset + bluetooth'.

    I upgrade to a Lumia 920, hoping the problem is resolved, but it actually got worse. Still works the same way (or, doesn't work) with bluetooth not functioning properly when headset jack is plugged in, and vice versa. Only now, all I get is a beep in the bluetooth headset, and all other communtication (reading the text and such) goes through the stereo now. So now my bluetooth headset is nothing more than a notification device, and the text messages I 'speak' take four of five attempts because I have to speak loud and clear enough for the mic on the phone to pick it up, not the bluetooth headset.

    So my question is this: How can I change the bluetooth/headphone/speaker priority listing so this works right?

    Please note I DO NOT have an unlocked phone and I will not 'hack' my phone. I'm looking for a legitimate method.

    If there is none, can someone let me know how I can contact Nokia to voice my displeasure?

    02-24-2013 02:46 PM

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