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    Since it seems a lot of the threads that are similar to this are getting a bit old, just trying to clarify things before I go buy a 920. So, a few questions...

    1) anyone got current info on if the Rogers locked 920's being sold now via rogers/ms store still pick up AWS bands are ok to use (I understand apn may need to be manually set). This makes the different on if I hunt down a pentaband or get a 920 and unlock it.

    2) updates on unlocked phones on wind...I know some people are using them, since its unlocked, does it follow the trend of unlocked phones getting their updates and not waiting on carrier or have people had to flash manually (may also apply to any 920 on non-att/rogers).

    bonus question 3) Best tips for convincing your SO that buying a phone flat out+cancelling your current contract is in your best interest due to saving 600/year on service/no contract.

    Edit: step 3 done, looks like the current 920's do still have band 4 from the looks of another thread I found where someone had a Red Rogers with the bands.

    I guess all that's left is someone pitching in their 2 cents for updates and gotta find a phone, canadagsm had the best price...but their paypal account is down. Might just walk into a store and see if i can pick one up on month to month.
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