1. KOSAP's Avatar
    How do you change the warning tone of an app like Wahsapp on the Nokia Lumia 920?
    02-28-2013 05:46 AM
  2. miodrage's Avatar
    U don't change it, because u cannot do that. That is one of the stupidest limitations of the OS. Hopefully some update will correct that.
    02-28-2013 06:49 AM
  3. Ignotum666's Avatar
    Are u sure? I think this will be can change on alert message tone.
    02-28-2013 07:21 AM
  4. miodrage's Avatar
    Well, if u find a way, please let the whole community know ASAP :D I will be the first to thank u, u be sure of that!
    02-28-2013 08:42 AM

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