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    Hi All Geeks

    I have a strange problem.

    I bought LUMIA 920 from Nokia authorized channel almost 15 days back .

    As I migrated from from Blackberry I used this phone two three days without any GPRS connectivity as I was trying the phone.

    The **** broke when I became satisfied and deactivated BIS services from my service provider (BSNL_cellone India) and asked then to activate normal GPRS.

    It started normally , at the end of first day I first received complaint from my office that my phone remained out of Service area or Not reachable . I didnt noticed that thinking of it an little issue.

    But after two three days I started getting this complaint from everybody my friends, customers, suppliers etc. etc. I personally checked by calling my phone from another number and heard the tone Phone Not reachable whereas my Phone was showing Full Signals.

    Thinking of this as a network issue I spoke to service provider where I have a close Friend as Engineer in charge. he tried various settings , even Hard reset my phone but the problem continued. At the end when he done all testing blaming this as a phone software glitch he made Data connection from ON to Off and the phone became ok. Now no more connectivity issues.

    He immediately showed it to me and others. Thereafter I contacted Nokia who never reverted to my Email and on personal call to call center the operator asked me to visit nearest service center .

    Service center people showed no interest in my problem and says this to be temporary network related problem.

    I did one thing thereafter that I diverted calls to one another no of same provider on Call Forwardinf condition Phone switched off or not reacheable.

    I have been noticing that I started getting diverting call on diverted numberes whereas my phone shows full signals.If u swistch off data mode at that time it start working. One more thing while phone is giving not reacheable tone , if In the meantime I got any sms or I dial any number it starts working as normal but whn It will become out of reach I never know. I came to know about it only when I got call diverted on other number.

    I have changed email synchronisation setting to one hour but no changes.

    Did anyone of u experienced this. Or any body can help me out as NOKIA has putt off their Guns .

    03-02-2013 08:48 AM

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