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    So I'm on holiday in Japan and have been thoroughly pleased with the camera and video performance but there have been many issues that are bugging me. These issues have pretty much been present since purchasing the phone. Don't get me wrong I do love this phone, but it would get my full love if all the problems below were resolved. Plus if the limitations of the OS, when compared to android, were addressed then this would in my opinion be the ultimate phone.
    Actually my perfect phone would be the user interface of WP, android OS, pureview camera with android settings and picture taking speed.

    Now to the list of problems:


    Bulge on left side leaving gap which collects unsightly dirt and dust
    Bezel not flush with screen
    From side, screen is raised and spongy
    Metal camera plate not flush with body
    Dust in FFC - getting worse by the day
    Dust in camera sensor - when making a call screen is black, not able to use
    Light leakage into screen from search button
    Scratches/dents on return EE repair centre. Also nothing was fixed
    Clicking/creaking body
    Gets insanely hot, too hot to take a call


    Volume bug - volume from music player sometimes stays low, barely audible even though it is on 30
    Not receiving update notifications
    'Other' storage at 20gb! Only have 900mb left for my last 3days in Japan. Had to delete all my music to create space. Cleared my web browsing history which made a laughable difference
    Not picking up all wifi networks - girlfriends note 2 cinstantly picks up more networks and today was embarrassed while we were out as I couldn't pick up a stores network while I was waiting for her to get her tattoo done
    Focus assist light doesn't always work even when i have it on constantly
    Sometimes web page elements are not laid out correctly, obstructing sections of the page
    Frequent freezing which requires a restart
    Giving random upload errors when sharing to skydrive- uploads page freezes everytime I try to use it

    I apologise for the vague descriptions. It is late here and this is pretty much a copy/paste of a running log I keep in my notes. I just wanted to vent my frustrations. These problems aside I still love the phone and OS to some extent.
    03-06-2013 10:34 AM

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