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  1. mmundy's Avatar

    I lost all of my text messages after I started to use outlook 2013 desktop. What can I do? Can I fix and restore my text messages?
    Thank you for your help!

    03-08-2013 02:53 AM
  2. Coolknight1968's Avatar
    Did you turn on "txt message backup" on your phone? If not... Problem.
    03-08-2013 05:48 AM
  3. mmundy's Avatar
    Yes, I did, but how can I restore the messages?
    03-08-2013 06:28 AM
  4. TheContact's Avatar
    You have to hard reset your phone to restore from the backup. It only gives you that one chance during initial setup to restore, so make sure you have cellular data when you set up.
    Last edited by eric12341; 03-08-2013 at 09:45 PM.
    03-08-2013 06:44 AM
  5. mmundy's Avatar
    I did it when first time happend, but not solved the problem..I think after the sms loosing the phone backed up the messages and the backup is empty too.. :(
    The hard reset not bring back the text messages..
    03-08-2013 06:51 AM
  6. jhguth's Avatar
    No reason to every physically sync with outlook, you will only get headaches
    03-08-2013 02:24 PM

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