1. matthew_b06's Avatar
    Alright, so. I might have to send my Lumia 920 in for repair to NOKIA, and I have a few questions:

    01- This phone is originally locked to Rogers and I unlocked to use on Bell. Will NOKIA care if its unlocked? If so, is it possible to re-lock the phone? Can they tell if it's unlocked? The original Rogers splash screen still displays when I turn the phone on.

    02- How long does it take to get your phone back from NOKIA? Have you noticed any further issues after receiving your phone back, if you have sent it in for repair?

    03- I've been using my phone for about a week- will they replace it instead of take it in to be repaired?

    I've been e-mailing the NOKIA customer support e-mail address and their responses have been prompt and helpful, so I'm hoping I can get the multiple issues I have with my phone fixed.


    03-08-2013 05:55 PM
  2. chiron09's Avatar
    1) I don't think Nokia cares if the phone is unlocked or not. I have sent numerous phones to their repair site in Texas and all of those phones were unlocked and came back unlocked. You paid Rogers to get it unlocked so Nokia can't really punish you for that.

    2) For all of my repairs it almost took a month to get it back. It's a slow and tedious process but maybe that has changed recently.

    3) It will depend what needs to be fixed. My battery in my N8 was giving my problems because it wasn't holding a charge so they ended up replacing the whole phone and gave me a new one. Just depends on the issue.
    03-08-2013 06:29 PM

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