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    I cracked my screen, and found a good video on YouTube, and ordered the screen from etradesupply dot com and when I got the new screen, the black adhesive strips around the digitizer where not sticky at all after peeling off the clear backing. The original digitizer is held on by strong adhesive and you have to use heat to get it off. From what I can tell there's nothing but the adhesive holding the glass in place. I chatted with someone in China with etrade support and they insisted the adhesive is not supposed to be sticky. I ended up removing the adhesive from the new screen, and cutting thin strips of double sided foam tape and putting the phone back together so I could use it, but the tape I used is a bit too thick, so the glass is not flush with the case... Anyone else been through this? The part must have been from the original Nokia supplier so don't get why it wasn't right.
    03-12-2013 12:02 AM
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    I have used this in the past for screen replacements on ipads and it works pretty well. Mind you I have yet to tear down a 920 so it may or may not work. Also you will need to cut it to size.

    Adhesive Strips for Touch Screen Digitizers
    03-12-2013 09:48 AM
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    Narse77, thanks for the link.

    An interesting update to this situation. I was completely pissed at etrade since they didn't understand the parts they were selling, but this morning I got an email from them saying they now understand that they have a serious problem with the way the part is described on their web page and they are changing the description and sending me the adhesive I should have gotten. I'm now impressed with how they are handling my issue.

    Another side note, dis-assembly/reassembly of the phone has fixed my distorted incoming sound quality. The ear piece speaker fell out and when I put it back in it's place, it must have reseated the contacts because the incoming sound quality it now good.
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    03-12-2013 12:30 PM

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