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    Can someone explain why all songs and albums in non-Unicode characters (Russian language in my case) all displayed in debris in Music and Videos on Nokia Lumia 920?
    Here is my settings.
    On my Windows 7 machine Current Language for non-Unicode programs is Russian. On Windows Phone - App Preview 3, I can see right character set. This is obvious.
    In Windows Explorer I can see MP3 Title, Contribution Artist and Album in Russian.
    As soon as I transfer songs to Windows Phone all Russian letters are gone. (shown in debris)
    In Windows Explorer when I browse the phone music folder the same MP3 file Title, Contribution Artist and Album in debris characters.
    Is it encoding problem on Windows Phone device itself? Was working fine on my Samsung Focus with Windows Phone 7.5 OS.

    Is any work around?

    Thank you.
    03-14-2013 11:56 AM

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