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    I can't believe how much trouble I'm having with this phone - well, not so much the phone, more the imbeciles that they have repairing them.

    On 10th February, the touchscreen on my Lumia 920 completely stopped working - it wouldn't respond to touch. No problem, I thought, I'll send it to the repair centre - and I did. A week later, I got an email telling me my phone had been replaced, except when I received the phone it was damaged (scratched, chipped, etc). Nokia told me they hadn't actually replaced my phone, just the mainboard (meaning either they were lying to me now, or lied to me about replacing my phone, in any case the damage was their fault).

    So I send my phone away again immediately, and hear absolutely nothing for 10 days. Four phone calls, three promised call backs that never materialised, I finally get a call to say that they have now replaced "all the cosmetic parts" of my phone, and that "it has been fully tested". Great, I think.

    All goes well until I try to use NFC, realising that it just plain doesn't work. That's funny, it worked perfectly well until the Nokia repair centre touched it, but nevermind, I'm going on holiday and need a phone so I can't afford to send it away now 'cause by their standards this time they'll have it for three weeks. When I get back from my holiday, having decided I can't be bothered sending my phone away for the NFC to be repaired, I put the phone on the wireless charging plate, hear the charging noise, check the charging indicator is flashing and go to bed, the same procedure I go through every night.

    Only to wake up in the morning to my phone reporting 5% remaining battery. As it turns out, it works perfectly if you charge it by cable, but put it on the charging plate and whilst it will tell you it's charging, it doesn't actually accumulate any charge - in fact the battery behaves as if no charger were connected, and will continue to discharge until it turns itself off.

    I don't know what to do now, the Nokia Care phone line is closed, and they are completely useless anyway because they never have a blind clue what's going on. I don't trust that the repair centre will actually repair my phone - they've had two chances, and all they managed to do is introduce more problems. There is no way, as far as I know, to speak to anyone who works for Nokia UK.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? This phone is driving me insane :(
    03-16-2013 06:41 AM
  2. WorzelGummage's Avatar
    There is a list of authorised Nokia care centers that you can visit in person and actually speak with the person responsible for repairing your phone. They are usually independent phone repair shops that have been authorised by Nokia to carry out warranty repairs. Click on the link to see if there is a Nokia Care Point close to where you live.

    Nokia Care Point - Nokia - UK

    When my first Lumia 920 broke down I toyed with the idea of visiting one of these care points but decided to send it off by the free courier service instead. I was surprised that the courier sent it to the other side of the country in Norfolk instead of one of the local care points near to where I live.
    03-16-2013 07:03 AM

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