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  1. Mssg's Avatar
    Hello my friends, I need to decide if I want to get Nokia 808 or 920. The problem is that I love camera from 808 but I also love WP

    So I found this video, where someone opened can of beer, this made me wondering if lumia 920 is also able to record that quality of sound. So I would like to ask someone from the forum, can someone record quick sample from lumia 920 while opening can of coke or beer just like on that video? I am not asking you to buy can but if you have already at home, this would really help me with the decision.

    I am also sad because there is no "tap to focus" option in lumia 920, any1 know if nokia plans to update/add this option to the camera?
    03-18-2013 08:58 AM
  2. vlad0's Avatar
    Okay, they use the same HAAC mics, but the 808 uses 2 of them to record stereo sound, and the 920 uses only one (or maybe two) but it only records in mono. So technically the 808 would be better. The dynamic range should be about the same.

    Also, the 808 records at 256kpbs ... not sure what the 920 does.

    The HAAC mics really shine in a noisy environment... they are way better than any other smartphone:
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    03-18-2013 11:43 AM
  3. zc1's Avatar
    Lumia 920 vs PureView 808

    Could be worse:

    Lumia 920 vs HTC 8X
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    03-18-2013 03:42 PM
  4. Mssg's Avatar
    Very nice, thanks for answers :) I saw the last two videos already. The first one is amazing! But I need to see the difference with opening that can or single one sound or voice recording quality 808 vs lumia920.

    And btw, any1 know if nokia maps for symbian are still update?
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    03-18-2013 08:08 PM
  5. vlad0's Avatar

    And btw, any1 know if nokia maps for symbian are still update?
    Nokia maps for WP and Symbian use the same map data, so they both get updated. In terms of the actual app, the one for Symbian has been out of beta for years and its pretty mature overall, not much needed there.. there will probably be couple of more updates, but nothing major.

    You can also use google maps natively, the old app for S60v5 still works on Symbian.
    03-19-2013 02:04 AM

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