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    I am a lover of technology and fact is iOS and Android have owned the market for a number of years. When I first held the Nokia 920 I was absolutely blown away with it's premium feel! While some may feel it is heavy I feel like I am holding something beautiful and premium when it is in my hands - something worthy of the $700 spent to purchase it. I truly feel the 920 can be the beginning to Nokia picking up some of the market here in North America and while I am very loyal to Nokia and especially the 920 I have experienced the following issues.

    1. First handset I purchased had a sim card tray sticking out of the phone. It was not flush and if very minimal I would not have cared but this tray was sticking out too far so I returned it.

    2. Second handset (the replacement at my carrier) had dust in the FFC. The very first phone call I made was a problem, when I pulled the phone away from my face the screen did not come on and over the first couple of days with it I had to perform 5 soft resets so I returned back to the carrier.

    3. Third handset (after proving the dust - FFC issue to the carrier by bringing up Nokia forums in the store) I was provided with a third handset. They were hesitant saying they normally do one exchange then sale is final and I would need to work with Nokia on any issues. I was happy to see them provide me with another handset after seeing how many people have dealt with the dust in the FFC issue. I got home and finished setting up the phone when I noticed 2 black dust particles under the screen. I am OCD with my electronics - I take very good care of my stuff and seeing these particles every time the screen was on drove me nuts. I am currently waiting for a replacement directly from Nokia .

    Because Nokia dealt so promptly with the issues I experienced I really felt like my loyalty increased to the point of going out and purchasing a Red Lumia 920. I love the Yellow and when I saw the Red loved it too. So......I went into a store and bought one so that I had both. I have no wife and kids yet so this is the time to treat myself and I figured I may eventually give one of them to my brother as a gift. He does have a wife and baby so he can't necessarily treat himself like I can. We opened it in the store and checked for dust - there were no issues and I happily purchased it. This morning I noticed:

    1. The screen in the top left corner was not flush. When pushing on the corner it squeaked and you could literally see the screen go down. I called and the concern was dust getting in and clearly I had a phone that experienced a manufacturing defect.

    I returned to the store today and the Manager right away could see it for himself and refunded me. So - now I am left with just my Yellow Lumia 920.

    We talked about it while in the store, he said they had received one of each color and most likely all from the same batch. I know that bad batches or production runs can happen and the phones I experienced the issues with all came from the same order delivered to the store so that clearly may be the case here.

    Despite the issues, I stand behind this phone.

    1. The solid polycarbonate build is premium and feels amazing in the hands
    2. I am really enjoying Windows 8 and feel the 920 build and overall experience is far superior than the HTC 8x and Ativ S.

    So - my recommendation would be buying the Nokia Lumia 920 if you want the Windows 8 experience and to alleviate experiencing everything I did I highly recommend doing a thorough inspection of the phone in store before leaving. Learned my lesson and will say despite the issues I experienced I am confident my replacement coming will be up to spec, especially with it going through Quality Control before coming to me and that I will have a handset I warrant having after spending over $700 to buy the phone outright.

    Still loyal, still a fan. I can't put the phone down, it is beautiful and the experience is so fast and responsive. I guess what I am trying to say is despite going through what I have I still love the phone, stand behind the brand and am realizing the pros far outweigh the cons of my experience aslong as I receive a handset that is of build quality I and any of us as consumers expect :) I understand bad batches can happen, that is a reality especially when they are working so hard to produce as many as they can. It is bound to happen and the most important thing is making it right for the customer when it does which Nokia is currently doing for me.
    03-18-2013 02:40 PM

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