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    So, I'm sitting here fat, dumb and happy completing many tasks on my phone, sending emails, updating onenote files, in and out of various items...

    I notice my phone gets hot (yet again), I go to email, and its slowly re-downloading emails all the way back to aug2012. And I have to wait 15min for it to finish.

    I'm calling it resetting the email, anybody else see this happening?

    It's done this several times since I acquired the phone around thanksgiving.

    Is it the 920, wp8 or our exchange?

    Yes, I have ALL the goodies turned off to conserve battery.
    I guess those goodies are like batman's tool belt, you only pull them out when you need them.

    WTH is going on? I really like this phone but its aggregating with all the quirks it has.

    Thanks, Phil.
    03-18-2013 11:02 PM

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