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    So I have a 6 month unlimited subscription to Nokia Music. The website gives an option to download songs to PC. For this purpose I have already downloaded the Ovi Music Downloader.

    Now trouble is, when I try downloading a song, it gives me this error:


    The phone is connected to the PC and Windows 8 recognises it as well. Is there something else that needs to be done?

    03-19-2013 10:55 AM
  2. WorzelGummage's Avatar
    I doubt that you will be able to connect a WP8 device to Ovi music as that is predominantly for Symbian and S40 devices, not WP8.
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    03-19-2013 11:38 AM
  3. Rodeoz's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply.

    music.nokia.com on PC redirects me to music.ovi.com

    I presume only the ovi music store has been made available in my country. But then I can download songs on my WP8 device using the Nokia Music app. Wonder which store the phone connects to!
    03-19-2013 12:00 PM

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