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    I am having my first bit of trouble with my Lumia 920. It began happening after a pretty nasty fall onto a concrete garage floor. The phone landed screen down, bounced a bit and skidded to a stop.I was delighted that the screen showed no damage and there were no marks on the case. There was a tiny spot on the upper left edge of the screen where it appeared the insides of the phone bulged a bit. I pushed down on this slight bulge, and the screen clicked back into place. I was really happy that the phone then appeared undamaged from this fall, which was probably the worst any of my phones has ever experienced.

    A few days later I was adding an appointment to my calendar and in the Subject text entry box, the screen was unresponsive. The Location box just below worked fine, but it took repeated touches to the Subject box before it finally responded and gave me access to the keyboard. I tried various locations within the box back and forth through the entire width before I somehow got it to work. This happens each time I try to enter an appointment on the phone. There isn't a problem with e-mail because the app automatically opens the keyboard and the cursor is in the proper place. I've noticed this behavior with certain other apps such as the Me app. If I try to post something from there, the checkbox for Outlook.com is within the same sceen space as the Subject box on the calendar app. I can't select or unselect this checkbox. I've noticed the problem within some games that a part of the screen is unresponsive. But oddly, I have not noticed this behavior on the Home Screen or the App List Screen. I've set the screen sensitivity to High and this has not made any diffence.

    I have found work arounds for this problem, but it is annoying. Should I go talk to AT&T or just live with it?

    03-19-2013 03:35 PM
  2. fwaits's Avatar
    I think AT&T will only take it back for 15 or 30 days after purchase? You can double-check, maybe they will. Otherwise you would need to get with Nokia Care and get a warranty replacement I believe. I would definitely get it exchanged though, sounds like part of the digitizer is dead or something.
    03-19-2013 03:41 PM

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