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    I've been having a weird issue with my phone since I got it. It seems like it would be an issue of syncing my contacts from my old phone to this one, but I've done that and still the problem exists. When I go into the text screen and try to select a recipient to send the text to, not all of my contacts come up. If I try to hit the plus sign to select them out of my contact list, they are not necessarily always listed, even though my phone has their number stored somewhere. If I have their number memorized (which is few and far between), I will type in their number and after the message is sent, their name and contact info shows up in the recipient box.

    So I'm hoping for some help as to why this might be happening even though I've synced my phone. In fact, I had the guys at AT&T sync everything from my old iPhone to this HTC 8x, then went back and made sure it was all synced. Any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks =)
    03-19-2013 08:40 PM

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