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    Hi all,

    I'm having a strange problem I'm hoping someone can help me with - I have 4 email accounts set up on my phone (work Exchange, Gmail and 2 personal POP/SMTP accounts) and I can't successfully email a photo from my phone with any of them. If I go into Camera Roll, tap and hold a photo and select 'share...', it gives me a list of my email accounts, and I can select any of them and create an email, but the email never gets sent. The exact problem varies by account type

    - The Exchange account gets hung up on 'Syncing...' for a long time (5 minutes or so), then gives me an error that it can't connect to the Exchange server; if I go into 'folders...' and delete the email with the attached photo from the outbox on the phone it starts working again
    - The Gmail account continuously asks me for my username/password over and over until I delete the email from the Gmail outbox, then it starts working
    - The POP/SMTP accounts give me a generic 'Server Administrator - cannot send email' error until I delete it from the outbox

    Note that I can send 'regular' emails with all of the accounts with no problem - it's only when I try to send an attached photo that the problem occurs.

    Any ideas?


    03-20-2013 12:20 PM

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