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    Hi everyone,

    I am from India and bought a Lumia 920 in January. I am absolutely loving this phone. And I never had any issue downloading music from the Nokia store.
    Yesterday, all of a sudden when I was trying to download John Mayer's Continuum, the download failed. I tried again and it showed me a message "you already downloaded this song, Would you like to continue?" and I checked in Music+Videos hub and didn't find it there. It keeps showing me the status 'Not Downloaded' in Nokia Music Store.

    I was wondering if Nokia has issued an upper limit to the number of songs that you can download. As far as I can remember, Lumia 920 is issued an unlimited downloads package for One year.

    (Strangely, my youtube-downloader app which was working perfectly fine till now, also started preventing me from downloads. I can't but wonder if both are related)
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