1. bish0p34's Avatar
    Sorry if this has been posted before, but I couldn't find a post that was quite exactly like what I've been experiencing...The topics I found all seemed to be close but no cigar.

    When I play music through the bluetooth on my phone the music stops making noise when the track ends sometimes. The timer keeps counting, but no sound. If I skip the track it keeps playing, or I hit pause and unpause it starts up again. However, it doesn't always do it....

    Anybody have this issue and find a fix, or can you recommend a different music player?

    Many thanks in advance.
    03-22-2013 09:53 AM
  2. stoltenbergen's Avatar
    Hi - There has been several reports of various issues with Nokia Lumia 920 and some bluetooth devices.

    When reading your description and symptoms it seems the same bluetooth issue does occur on several bluetooth devices together with the lumia 920.

    BH-221 users must buy another bluetooth device (for example the Sony MW600) in order to have proper music playback through bluetooth
    This is definitely one of Nokia's most embarrassing issues: Their own BH-221 does not work properly with their own phone, Nokia Lumia 920.
    Check this thread. Re: L920 & BH-221 Playback issues - Nokia Support Discussions
    03-22-2013 10:00 AM
  3. bish0p34's Avatar
    I have a motorokr t505 and my girl has a Mazda3 with built-in bluetooth and it happens on both. I can't find any documented issues online.

    Are thee any other music apps that don't do this by chance?
    03-22-2013 06:08 PM

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