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    I love my HTC 8x. I love the feel, I love the Windows OS, and I love the beautiful design. So what's my beef with it? First of all, let me just say that I do not want to change my phone, nor will I. Initially I my battery was dying too fast... but I adjusted! I started turning off my wi-fi /data in class, only turning on NFC or Bluetooth when needed, and boom, now I can keep my phone alive for pretty much a whole day. But there is one problem that seems to have no solution, and it's really bumming me out because I absolutely love everything else about my phone.

    The storage space sucks! I got an 8 GB version, which in reality is only 7.23 GB (closer to 7 than 8 if you ask me). Then,1.78 GB are used for the system, which is kind of annoying, but I can understand why and am okay with it. But then, 3.34 GB are being used for something called other! They do not even bother telling us what other even means! You know what that means? That means I am left with only 2.11 GB to save pictures, download apps, and record videos. Currently, I am taking up 1.14 GB of apps, 685.48 MB of videos, and 281.54 MB of photos. I already save all my pictures and videos to skydrive, but do not want to delete them from my phone space because the photos live tile only shows pictures from my favorites, and skydrive does not let you favorite pictures. Along with that, how much space will that really give me?! Even if it is an extra GB (which it isn't). Another thing that I see people say is that I should delete apps that I don't use. However, I don't download apps I think are useless, and there might be an app that sits there for months, but when the time comes to use it, it is there. It is ridiculous to expect that I am supposed to only have less than a gigs worth of apps on my phone. I have deleted a few apps, but now decided that I am at a point that every app on my phone is important to me in someway or another. This decision came when I had to decide between Last.fm or Spotify and realized that I shouldn't have been making that decision... so I kept both. Now I am stuck here, unable to download anymore apps, or even update some! I just want to understand what "other" even is and why it even exists. The 8x doesn't even have a slot for an SD card! That drives me crazy!!

    All in all, I can't get a new phone for a while, so I have to deal with the one flaw that comes with this one... but the reality is that I don't want another phone. I love my 8x! I have come to love WP8, and have learned to grow patient as new apps are being developed. I feel like I am a part of some big family of WP8 users and that, although underdogs in the smartphone race, we love every bit of it. I just hope a system update can fix this big problem. Please tell me that there is someone out there that is having the same dilemma as I am! Maybe someone knows how to make "other" take up less space? I just need advice!
    03-24-2013 01:23 AM
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    All windows phones have the "other" problem not just the 8x. Microsoft is supposed to address that in the next update from what I have read.
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    03-24-2013 01:27 AM
  3. Andre Heizer's Avatar
    I have read that too, but it seems like this update is only coming out towards the end of the year :(
    03-24-2013 02:02 AM
  4. eric12341's Avatar
    The blue update is towards the end of the year but the GDR2 and 3 will be released in Q2 (4/1-6/30) and Q3 (7/1-9/30) respectively. One of those will have the other issue fixed.
    03-24-2013 02:44 PM

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