1. Harry Ola's Avatar
    It is not clear in the other threads concerning this update whether or not anyone has got this OTA yet or if everyone is downloading it through Navifirm or Nokia Care Suite. Wanting to update but not wanting to lose my game saves is making me dangerously impatient.

    So where in the world has this come out OTA yet?
    03-24-2013 02:59 AM
  2. vpkb's Avatar
    They say a couple of weeks. I too am a little impatient so I downloaded it via Navifirm, however it's a PIA to get Care Suite to install, so I gave up and will wait for OTA.
    03-24-2013 03:11 AM
  3. bozza72's Avatar
    it's a PIA to get Care Suite to install
    Yeah its all the add ons, they dont make it easy
    03-24-2013 03:45 AM
  4. Muessig's Avatar
    Yeah, I was wondering this the other day, but if its not been on the main site its safe to say its not widely available yet. Funnily enough the game saves issue is the same exact reason I'm reluctant to use the Care Suite. Here's hoping game saves become a standard feature of the backup, restore process.
    03-24-2013 03:53 AM

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