1. scottygb2k's Avatar
    Hi, I dropped my amazing Lumia 920 the other day and managed to smash the screen . Anyways...I need to send it off for repair but obviously I want to make a full backup before it goes. Can anyone advise what the best way of doing this is?

    I will copy all my images/videos onto my PC and all the backup options seem to point towards the cloud. I have setup the application and text message backup but how will this be restored if the worst happens and they lose or replace my phone?

    I will be but putting my SIM card into my old Lumia 800 (thing looks tiny compared to my 920) and using that, will this affect anything as ive heard when you do a full backup to the cloud you are prompted to restore the next time you setup your Microsoft account on your phone. but what happens when i log into my old Lumia 800? Will I lose my 920 Backup?

    Wish MS would just have a simple app to make full backup and restores for, id be much happier knowing i have all the files backed up onto my PC.
    03-25-2013 11:29 AM
  2. markfive's Avatar
    Whenever you connect your MS account to a WP8 phone during it's initial setup (whether or not the phone is out of the box, come back from repair or you have simply hard reset it) you will be offered the opportunity to restore from backup, if a backup exists. The following will be restored:

    - Messages
    - Email and linked account settings (e.g. FB etc) but not passwords, you will be asked to re-enter these
    - Applications and games, but not application settings or game saves (unless the app or game makes specific provision for them, most do not)

    In addition, if your pictures and videos are synced to Skydrive then they will reappear under Photos (although a new Camera Roll folder is created, the old one is not deleted)

    Music is handled via the WP sync software.

    The backup only works on WP8 so you can use a WP7.x phone without it affecting the backup.
    03-25-2013 12:03 PM
  3. scottygb2k's Avatar
    Thanks very much for the quick response. Ill give it a go and see what happens. Hopefully i wont lose anything.
    03-25-2013 12:48 PM

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