1. rjorge77's Avatar

    Anyone knows if HTC is aware/ready to fix "Others" storage issue as reported from several users ?

    Nokia is already fixing this with firmware update (info : Nokia Lumia 620s shipping with new firmware, includes 'Other' storage fix | Windows Phone Daily ), what about HTC ? ;-)


    03-26-2013 01:14 PM
  2. KeepAustinWeird's Avatar
    AFAIK, the fix for "Others" storage is coming from MS and not Nokia. So it should be across all devices running WP8.
    03-26-2013 01:21 PM
  3. rjorge77's Avatar

    Yes, i know that, but as you can see Nokia seems one step ahead, releasing a firmware with this fix, while there's no Official fix from MS itself.

    Its pitty HTC isnīt more active about WP8. :( .. despite a great device.


    03-26-2013 04:58 PM
  4. kswarbs's Avatar
    Hi, have you sorted out how to fix this on the HTC? I have the 8S and have deleted almost all my apps, all photos and videos (any new ones go direct to SD card),and delete my messages every day otherwise I have texts that don't come through. My phones 1.32 GB storage is being used by 'other' but I don't know what 'other' is. I've connected the phone to a PC but it doesn't indicate what 'other' is - the only files available are 4 saved pictures!! Just frustrated at the mo as I can only use my phone for ringing and texting (when I've deleted them all)...seems a bit pointless having a smartphone!!!
    06-26-2013 05:10 PM
  5. mgilb4's Avatar
    I apologize in advance, this reply turned more into a rant meant for Microsoft developers.

    I'm having the same problem. My "other" category is up to more than 5 GB now. I only have 2.32 GB of storage left on my HTC 8X. I have all options that would back up my phone to skydrive automatically, and yet my "other" category keeps growing. From what I have read, it's because of the camera / photos app. When you take a picture on this phone, it actually creates two files. One goes into your camera roll, the other goes into your "other" category. Or, maybe that's not the issue. The problem could also be that when you upload anything to skydrive -- manual or automatic -- WP 8 makes an extra copy of it and stores it away in the "other" category where you can't touch it.

    I keep manually uploading my photos to skydrive and deleting my camera roll. Maybe I'll find some other way to back them up. Deleting my camera roll is something I would rather not have to do. Uninstalling apps I don't user very often but otherwise would like to have on my phone is also something I don't want to have to do. I do not want to have to delete the music on my phone, nor am I going to stop taking pictures. Photography is one of my hobbies. I also should not have to do a factory reset. I delete my internet use, search and map data regularly. I even uninstall and reinstall apps when an update comes instead of installing an update that would take up additional space equal to the original app. I also have used all of the apps available that were created to fix this "other" storage problem, with only mild or unsuccessful results. The app that stops and clears media history works, and storage cleaner gave me 0.3 additional GB the first time I used it. Nothing else helped.

    Me having to do all of this just makes using this phone that much more complicated. I switched from Android because I wanted something to simply just work and my android phone was absolutely full of bugs and problems. Turns out that all smartphones will have bugs and all smartphones are simply not going to just work (Apple has the apple maps problem and the problem of apps you can't get rid of but don't want.).

    If microsoft does not put out windows phone 8.1 until sometime in 2014 like all of the tech websites are suggesting, I probably will have to do a factory reset or I'll just cease to have music on my phone, which would suck. Last time I did a hard factory reset, the phone died instead with a year left on my contract. I may not still have an old phone lying around as a back up this time.

    So, Microsoft, you better fix this soon. You'd think that this would have not gone unnoticed during the beta testing stage.
    06-26-2013 09:02 PM
  6. dol4er's Avatar
    Guys, I just used an app called "Storage Cleaner" and it freed the unbelievable 3.52GB of storage! I was out of words...

    I had 4.30GB free before starting the cleaning process and after it was done (it took 5-10 minutes), I had 7.82GB free.
    burnabite likes this.
    06-28-2013 10:26 AM

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