1. Josh Lubin's Avatar
    03-26-2013 11:08 PM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    Not any more... I had a real thin one that was black, to hide the Cyan at work (Sprint), but really enjoyed the feel of it Naked.
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    03-26-2013 11:11 PM
  3. WavingReds's Avatar
    I use a full wet application.
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    03-26-2013 11:44 PM
  4. Josh Lubin's Avatar
    Thanks, cuz I'm on the fence on whether I want a full case like incipio dualpro or incipio feather. I bought both from work but I feel the dual pro just makes my beautiful phone look ugly
    03-26-2013 11:46 PM
  5. cyon921's Avatar
    I didn't at first, but then my sister's 920 shattered, and we don't have the insurance. So I was like "**** nah, ain't no way I'm letting that happen to my gorgeous phone. So now I use a simple case, it has a screen flap which can hold two cards (credit, license, whatever) and it's faux leather. It was $8 and it's really well made.
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    03-26-2013 11:55 PM
  6. peacefulberry's Avatar
    Its funny cuz I was just commenting about this on another thread. What I said was this: I know it sounds crazy, but I haven't used a phone without a screen protector in ages. Before I finally purchase a phone I always order screen protectors and cases, so that when it arrives, the first thing I do when I remove it from the box is slap a protector on it. This way if I want to upgrade in the future or if I change my mind and want something different, it will look practically new. 😊
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    03-27-2013 12:04 AM
  7. GSOgymrat's Avatar
    I have never used a case on a phone. The only phone I have killed fell into a toilet.
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    03-27-2013 12:23 AM
  8. Maseroche's Avatar
    I'm using a case called tech21 and I'm pretty happy with it.
    Josh Lubin likes this.
    03-27-2013 02:51 AM

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