1. kumasokka's Avatar
    Anyone see the Lumia 920 appearing in commercials? I just saw a matte black one in the new Wendy's Chicken Flatbread commercial where the guy sits down with the two girls at the outdoor cafe. The Nokia logo was removed, but you could tell it was a 920 by the headphone jack and curvature of the body. Please post any other sightings on TV here!
    04-15-2013 02:58 PM
  2. punkfusion1992's Avatar
    Arrow... everything on that show is Windows 8 and they all carry 920s except Ollie
    04-15-2013 04:07 PM
  3. gurnishan's Avatar
    House of lies lots of Lumia's
    04-15-2013 07:08 PM
  4. Seerko's Avatar
    The dean from Community has one.
    04-15-2013 07:30 PM
  5. SonOfDad's Avatar
    Hawaii Five-0 Steve and Danno use them I think the other main characters are still carrying WP7. They also shruk Surface tablets heavily on the show
    04-16-2013 02:45 AM
  6. Talderon's Avatar
    Grey's Anatomy has a few floating around and also showing a lot of Surface tablets too.
    04-16-2013 09:58 AM
  7. realwarder's Avatar
    Castle has lots of Windows 8. Not sure about WP.
    04-16-2013 10:07 AM
  8. tjoyce's Avatar
    Good shot of the dean on Community with one last night.
    04-26-2013 11:20 AM

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