05-01-2013 03:06 AM
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  1. jmajid's Avatar
    posting this here also - did post this under catwalk thread, but it does apply to this also...

    Listening to the Engadget Mobile podcast from last week, they talked about the upcoming May 14th Nokia announcement in London.
    Several times they mentioned the Lumia 925... (also mentioned the 928)
    I have not heard this reference before, so it was curious to hear these guys refer to it...
    Also, if you ever listen to Leo LaPorte on the twit.tv site, you know he doesnt like to go to these announcements etc. But he did let slip this past Windows Weekly that he was invited to a San Francisco event for press by Nokia but it was going to require NDA....
    As you may or may not know, alot of these larger tech sites are given info under NDA ahead of us normal people:)
    Just thought i would pass it on...
    04-29-2013 08:32 AM
  2. jmajid's Avatar
    not REALLY trying to double post, but...
    forgot to mention one more thing about the Engadget podcast....
    There was talk about having the camera close to top edge of the device because having it there would mean it wouldnt necessarily be behind the screen, but could be behind the bezel only, thus giving it a little more depth to placed into...
    Now if you remember, the photos that were leaked taken by the 928 and then perhaps by Catwalk (could this be Lumia 925?), one of the images showed the camera at the very top corner, like an iPhone4s/5
    VERY interesting! :)
    04-29-2013 09:50 AM
  3. maverick2787's Avatar
    It may be the Pelican Camera looking at the invite.
    05-01-2013 03:06 AM
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