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    Hi All,

    This is my first post on this forum, so please excuse for any unintentional mistakes. I've been a windows fanboy for ages, have been using winmo operating systems for some time now. Currently I own a Nokia Lumia 920, and Lumia 620, both released for India. On my earlier device HTC HD7 i was unable to use the full functionality of speech recognition, as I had the international language pack installed (WM 7, 7.5). Now with the Nokia Lumia 920 and 620 which were aggressively marketed in India had a working language pack for India which works flawlessly, my only regret is that with any Language Pack other than the standard US one, I get all the added speech enhancements disabled, like My language pack works only to call from my contacts or if I recite a number, it does not work on sending SMS or Emails.

    Hope you guys here have heard about this problem.


    04-26-2013 09:45 AM

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