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    Hi all,

    I recently purchased an Ativ S in the UK from Expansys. I'm with Three UK and MMS/picture messages fail to send or receive...

    Checking the APN settings there are 2 APNs - one for Internet and one for MMS.

    The MMS settings are as follows:

    APN name: 3 MMS
    Profile category: mms
    MMSC: Three - WiFi
    APN: three.co.uk
    Auth type: None
    Username: <empty>
    Password <empty>
    IP type: <empty>
    Proxy address:
    Proxy domain: mobile.three.co.uk
    Proxy port: 8799
    Maximum MMS Size: 300

    Does anyone have any idea what the correct settings are? Three UK tech support weren't very helpful as its an unlocked phone - they pointed me to the Network Setup app, which is for Nokia devices only.

    Failing that I may try to go into a 3 store and hassle them
    05-04-2013 09:14 AM
  2. WorzelGummage's Avatar
    Usually, you shouldn't need to enter the APN settings manually to be able to use MMS/internet on WP8 phones. The phone should automatically read the correct settings from the SIM and add the APN to access points in settings. You do need to have mobile data turned on though to send and receive picture messages.
    05-04-2013 10:05 AM
  3. Bigsro's Avatar
    Hi Worzel

    Thanks for the reply

    Yeah I was surprised when MMS didnt work. Checking the APN settings for Three on the web compared to what is on my phone their are some differences namely the mmsc url:

    APN name: 3 MMS
    Profile category: mms
    MMSC: http://mms.um.three.co.uk:10021/mmsc
    APN: mms.three.co.uk
    Auth type: None
    Username: <empty>
    Password <empty>
    IP type: <empty>
    Proxy address:
    Proxy domain: mms.um.three.co.uk:10021
    Proxy port: 8799
    Maximum MMS Size: 300

    This is where things get bizarre...

    Now changing to these settings doesn't work at first. But after much tinkering the following is a slight fix...so I know those settings are correct to a degree:

    Settings > Mobile network

    Change Network Selection from automatic to one that is different to Three (Orange, O2 etc). Once you lose signal etc, change this back to 3 UK specifically - not automatic.

    So I can then send and receive a single picture message. Then it just fails again. No settings change or anything.

    It is really really bugging me haha

    I take it each Manufacturer uses the 'APN' settings differently so the APN config or fields may be different from Samsung to Nokia regardless of them all using WP8?
    05-05-2013 05:32 AM
  4. WorzelGummage's Avatar
    I've done a bit of digging around on the 3 website to see if there is an option to send the settings to your phone. I found the right page but 3 don't support sending the settings to the Ativ S. However, further down the page are the settings to be entered manually if you would like to try those out. First start by deleting all APN's already configured on your phone then perform a battery pull with the phone still on. After the phone restarts check in access points to see if the phone has added a new one for 3. If it has then try sending a picture message to yourself to see if it works.

    If there isn't a new APN listed or your test MMS failed then try adding the following settings manually.

    Name: 3
    APN: three.co.uk
    Browser homepage: http://ghp.three.co.uk/
    Username: None
    Password: None
    MMSC: http://mms.um.three.co.uk:10021/mmsc
    MMS proxy: 8799
    APN type: Default
    SMSC Address: +447782000800

    These settings were taken from 3's website

    Connecting to the internet on your phone. - Getting started - Pay As You Go - Support - Three
    05-05-2013 07:28 AM

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