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    So just today.. actually within the last couple hours I've noticed any pictures pulled from online look blurry or out of focus. Mostly seems to be embeded ads within webpages or banner images. I opened up the new YouTube app and all video thumbnails are blurry. When zooming in on some pictures within IE they appear as if they are in 16 bit color.. Some banners on webpages like Tigerdirect don't render at all. While others are really low res and even unreadable.

    I don't know how or why this happened. I've tried many soft resets, turned wifi on and off and still the same. I feel as though images are being loaded but aren't being fully rendered leaving them to look blurry or low res.

    No idea what happened. Not sure if this is widespread or just my phone suddenly. On the first pic you can see the 2 adds displayed blurry. The second pic shows how the Tigerdirect.ca banner didn't even render at all. I've added 2 pics taken from IE on my desktop PC to compare. The last pic is from Metrotube after pulling up a movie trailer and the screencap looks 8-bit.

    And just to recap, there are many pages that display like this now on my L920 so not just this one page. I installed Surfcube to test another browser and same results. I opened up the new Microsoft Youtube app and all the thumbnails are blurry. Same with any pictures pulled from online (thumbnails mostly) are very blurry and unreadable. Fhotoroom shows all thumbnails very blurry as well.

    Can anyone confirm similar issues? I had this issue start on firmware 1308 and even now exists on 1314.
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    Guessing no one else has experienced this issue... Thought it went away actually but the problem is back today. Haven't figured out exactly what the cause of it is. Last time this happened it went away on it's own after a couple days. Today it's back again and I hope it will go away again. Not sure if it has anything to do with the data connection from the carrier. I do know that Rogers has been experiencing a few data and internet issues the last short while. I was on wifi 90% of the time this past weekend so could be why I didn't notice anything. I've considered a hard reset in attempt to fix this though I'd to go through with it for nothing.

    EDIT: Discovered last night this problem does NOT occur when connected to WiFi at home.. Only when connected to Rogers data. Interesting.
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