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    I went in to the local Microsoft store this afternoon. I am a Verizon customer with a Galaxy Nexus. I have been interested in the Lumia 920 but can't get it for Verizon so was interested when hearing about the 928. So I go in to play around with the 920s. Was an amazingly horrible experience. I install this switch app that tells me 89% of my Android apps can be used on the WP8 and that it's uploaded them to the net. However you can't actually see what the results of the scan are until after you buy a phone? That's useless as a purchasing tool. I was tempted to purchase the phone see what worked and what didn't just to turn around and return it. I have no interest in the 920 but that was just dumb. Also they can't tell me definitively if my Google accounts will work on the phone. I don't need the G+ integration blah blah. I need Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, and Gchat. Everything else that I have on my android phone I can get with my Android tablet and don't really need on my phone. But at a minimum I need that functionality and without that the device is worthless.

    On a side note I have to run a 3800 extended batter on my Nexus for Skype to get through the day. How is the 920's battery with using Skype? Also is there a keyboard that has voice recognition and swiping? The sales guy was able to use voice on his email but we couldn't get the demo to do any type of voice recognition.

    05-08-2013 01:14 AM
  2. the real smackbo's Avatar
    Yes it has voice recognition.. And I switched from android and I am very happy. Battery life is normal. So its comparable to the s3. And chronos calendar syncs with google calendar ..you don't need google docs because you have office and pretty much everything that google does is kind of hokey compared to Microsoft
    05-08-2013 01:26 AM

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