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    I admit it. I'm a phone-aholic. I rarely keep a phone very long as I am constantly eyeing that next great device out there. Still, in the interests of being semi-rational and cost conscious, I'm trying a new approach. As you can imagine there are a number of really excellent smart phones out there or on the horizon. They all have pros and cons and it's difficult to really say which one is the best. They all look great and they all have some great features. Still, I can't continue to feed this obsession (gets a tad expensive after all - not to mention a little crazy). So now, every time I see a phone I think is turning my head, I start to do an analysis of not how good or bad it is but whether it is better able to meet my needs than my Lumia 920 (which I really do like by the way). In the end, as good and/or exciting as those other devices are, I always conclude that none of them can replace what my Lumia does for me. Of course all of this is subjective as everyone has different needs and priorities but here is why I still cannot go away from my L920:

    1. Rooms feature. The biggest single factor for me as it allows me to communicate affectively with my technologically impaired hubby (he actually gets this Rooms thing)
    2. Ability to seemlessly work with my Windows 8 desktop (no more trying to explain to the hubby about how to get his pictures and music back and forth between phone and computer). It also makes it considerably easier for me to have my files (Office) work flawlessly on my phone and desktop. Syncs perfectly with Office apps on desktop (Calendar, Email, Contacts, Tasks)
    3. All the music I buy on my phone automatically syncs to my desktop
    4. Tap and Send. Other phones can do this as well but it plays a part in my decision
    5. Best low-light camera out there (MHO)
    6. Build quality - this thing is a tank
    7. Love UI and live tiles. I find iOS boring and while I can enjoy Android, it can be very finicky from device to device and you always have to be vigilant with the huge amount of garbage apps out there
    8. OneNote - love this program and again, syncs flawlessly with desktop version. Evernote works well also but I don't like the look and feel of it quite as much
    9. Makes using skype betwee my L920 and my hubby very easy even without WiFi

    While I wish there were a few more apps to my liking, at least I do get the ones that are essential so for now, I am more than happy to sit tight and see what comes down the road.
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    05-08-2013 11:29 AM
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    The 920 is a great phone. I don't have one myself, as I have an 810 and an older HTC HD 7. I can easily imagine being happy with the 920. The 810 is an ok phone and I love the vibrant display in comparison to the HTC HD7. However as the 810 is an 8gb memory phone, that is it's greatest weakness (and the carrier it is not really supported by).

    That said there's a couple of things I would like to have myself in a new phone. This first is a metal case. I feel like Bart Simpson when he is amazed at seeing a metal device, instead of a plastic one. If done well the aesthetics of a metal phone is much more to my liking. Second is even though you have 32 gb of memory I would like to have an external card slot.

    In my view you have the best phone out at this time. Have fun with it...
    05-08-2013 12:22 PM

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