05-26-2013 04:09 PM
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    The 925 is for a different market, if Nokia and Microsoft are to eat BB they need devices that are classic, classy and presentable for the business world.

    This is also why it only needs 16Gb to start with. If it sells well, Nokia can quickly add even a 64Gb version.

    As to less advanced that the 920... In what... The phone is a big improvement where it counts to get into the market that is aimed at.
    It is easier to hold because it is lighter and smaller. It looks classy in these basic contrast colors and with the aluminum frame.
    It has an improved camera. Improved Li-Po battery.
    You can add wireless charging with cover that you can select in fun colors if you wish. It used a AMOLED display which is simply the best
    choice for Windows Phone because of the power savings it generates and also because of the superb colors which customers like.

    So in what way is the 925 an inferior device? Running WP8 you get a good fluid interface. To do the same on Android you need a quad core S4.
    This phone makes perfect sense if Nokia markets it well to corporations.
    I completely agree! Although I have a blue 8x I know that it is not the most "business" looking device. I would prefer a metal and gray look. As for the 16G of storage. Most business people store everything in the "cloud" these days. My 8x only has 8G and I have over 4G available.
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    05-16-2013 04:25 PM
  2. devize's Avatar
    I've got a 920 and I'm a big fan of the 925. I doubt it has the creaking and build issues that the 920 has with that aluminium frame. If I had a choice between the two I'd probably go for the 925 for the AMOLED screen alone, that lockscreen clock and the whole OS are much better with an AMOLED screen. The hands on videos of the 925 with that lockscreen clock are pretty cool, only the clock part of the screen gets lit which can't be done on the 920. I did always want an N9 and loved that design so I'm still a big fan of my 920 and its built in wireless charging. In the end they're both really nice phones.
    05-17-2013 06:26 AM
  3. Rhoyz's Avatar
    I like the 925. The only thing that stopping me is T-mobile. Their broken promises on firmware/device support (Lumia 810).
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    05-17-2013 06:35 AM
  4. peacefulberry's Avatar
    I was expecting more from the 925. Nokia's "catwalk" phone. Supermodel? More like skinny girl with back braces and a bulging cancerous lumps. I swear it is the ugliest WP phone I have seen to date. I can't believe they even allowed the bulging plastic and camera lip. You know how when you get a cheap aftermarket cover for a Samsung phone that doesn't fit right and you also didn't push the battery in properly so it sticks out and isn't flush, pushing the back cover upwards as well? Yeah it looks like that, but way worse. There's a giant hole like it got shot with a bullet or took to many cancer sticks in the factory .
    Ok, so I have to say that your 2 references to cancer lumps and ugliness is disgusting! I have lost friends and family members to cancer...i have one that's dying of cancer as I type this! She has a lump in her breast that is cancerous, and it can't be removed.

    I know you don't like the appearance of the 925, and that's perfectly fine, but to make a reference to its non-beauty as an ugly cancer lump is distasteful! I am offended and anyone that may be battling cancer or who has battled it in the past may also be offended. I know it may have not been your intention, but I just had to express that your reference is offensive to me. Thank you for reading.
    05-17-2013 09:20 AM
  5. paddylaz's Avatar
    I think the main reason I'd imagine I would hate the 925 if I had just bought the 920 (which I did a few months ago, but returned thank god) would be the addition of the sixth lens element to the camera. Which I'm surprised has had so little fanfair.

    This addition from what I've read was to directly address complaints about how soft daylight photos are on the 920. Given how great low light is on the 920, this (assuming it's effective) would certainly topple the iPhone 5 as best overall camera on a phone. For god's sake ISO levels on the 925 go up to 3200!! ON A PHONE!
    This is the sort of thing that would enrage me if I HAD just bought a 920....thankfully I'm nothing but excited now.

    Pleased as well with the return to amoled. As a past-owner of the lumia 800 I loved the perfect deep blacks and tile-vibrancy, and how it was difficult to see where the screen ended (with the black bodied model). IPS just doesn't provide this.

    I'm not too bothered about weight improvements or the use of aluminium....it's real world hardware improvements I care about not aesthetic design changes.

    Visa's at the ready Nokia...hurry please because my 4s looks like it's just come back from a war.
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    05-25-2013 07:11 AM
  6. WasteSomeTime's Avatar
    If you think its ugly dont get it and if you do, put a cover on it.
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    05-25-2013 07:38 AM
  7. neo158's Avatar
    Personally I'm more concerned about elitest Lumia owners hating on anything that isn't Nokia!!!!
    05-25-2013 07:48 AM
  8. MDak280's Avatar
    I have a 920 and I'm really excited for the 925! I'm with T-Mobile, so I had to import an unbranded 920. Now that T-Mobile has its own Lumia flagship, people won't have to do that anymore. It's a beautiful, thin Lumia and I think it's going to do well.

    I'm going to keep my 920, though, because I want to see if Nokia announces the EOS.
    05-25-2013 08:03 PM
  9. smoledman's Avatar
    -No wireless charging - big time saver for me
    -Don't like the bulging camera - rather ugly.
    Exactly. I love my 920, it's beautiful. One of the best designed phones ever. I'm pretty sure the next true flagship - the 930 will be thinner, lighter with the 41mp PureView but losing none of the capabilities of the 920.
    05-25-2013 08:15 PM
  10. maverick786us's Avatar
    I'm detecting quite a bit of rationalizing going on around here. 920 owners are hating on the 925 so they can feel better about being stuck with their 920 while new Lumia's are released. It's a disappointment, a step back, who cares if it's thinner, etc....... too funny.
    The only thing that I disliked about lumia 925 is placement of mini USB port on top. It is one step backward and it looks ugly. Nokia should avoid this with its flagship devices. 925 is more a kind of variant of 920. I don't see anything advanced. This device came after almost 9 months after lumia 920. What we have is same hardware, same screen, almost the same camera. Nokia should have come up with a quad core and full hd screen. But it looks like that Microsoft has made an oath to remain a generation behind the high end android devices
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    05-26-2013 08:42 AM
  11. Lawrence Crecy's Avatar
    Why? We already know everything about it. It's a 920 - 16GB - Qi charging - colors - thickness - weight
    05-26-2013 11:30 AM
  12. kalo88's Avatar
    I hope the 925 does well and attracts people... more people = more development for WP8 :)

    I like my lumia 920 a lot, it doesn't even feel 'heavy' now as I've got used to it.
    05-26-2013 04:09 PM
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