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    First let me put out a disclaimer and tell you that I did NOT come from Android, so I have no experience with this, but I want to put out what information I do know, to be as helpful as possible to our new Windows Phone brethren.

    If you're coming from Android, there is an app in the Play Store called Switch to Windows Phone. If you run it on your Android, it will give you an idea of the apps you'll need to replace what you have, and save them for you. What the exact process is, I don't know, but I'm sure it'll be self explanatory.

    Since you're in the Lumia 928 thread, I'm going to assume that you have purchased a Nokia phone, very likely - yes, you guessed it, the 928. Given that, you can go into the Windows Phone Store, which is a small tile in the upper right corner area in the default setup, with an icon that looks like a shopping bag with the Windows Logo on it. Look in the Nokia Collection and get the Transfer My Data app. Again, I don't know what it does, but it's there to help you move your data.

    If you are looking for a certain app, search the store. I'm not familiar with Google's store, but if you search the store, surely you'll find something. No, we don't have Instagram yet, but Itsdagram came out today. If you search for "weight watchers" the first result is one of my apps, PlusPoints. That's the WP7 version. Scroll down a bit and you'll find the WP8 version, PlusPoints Pro. This is just one example (and a sneaky plug ).

    I know that this isn't a huge start, but it's something, and I'd encourage others who DO have experience to post more tips in this thread, and hopefully someone with the ability can sticky the thread for those that we are welcoming into our family.
    05-16-2013 06:06 PM
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    Okay, first off, use the Switch to Windows Phone app only if you are already planning to switch.
    Most of the time, however, it only matches similar apps. So, if you're into niche apps, there's a good chance you won't find it on Windows Phone.

    To make it easier to switch to WP, I'd recommend that you install a launcher that emulates the WP interface, such as Launcher8 and several others. The tip to really emulating the experience is not using any widgets and avoiding the use of the notification pane.

    If you're used to the native feature set of Android, I'd recommend that you play around with a Windows Phone if you really need any of those features. For example, if you really need VPN, WP is a no-go.

    Finally, bear in mind the following fact: Windows Phone 8 is technically a 1.0 platform. Yes, you do have the interface and feature set of Windows Phone 7 (well, a lot of it, anyway), but do not think of Windows Phone as a mature platform. Microsoft had to start from scratch with the NT kernel, and what they've done was surprisingly stable.
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