1. Mercutio1's Avatar
    Those of you guys who have a Verizon 8x and have used it on T-mobile, At&t or another GSM carrier.....I was just wondering if you had any issues with Verizon locking the device?
    I know most of the phones that are 4G capable are GLobal ready.

    I ask because my brother is getting me a Windows Phone under his account but he is just going to give me the 928 so i can use it with T-mobile and go back to using his old Droid Razr.
    I was just wondering would i have any issues if he did something screwy with his account like was late with his bill or something. I Wanted to make sure it wouldn't lock the phone or anything.
    05-16-2013 06:32 PM
  2. peterfares's Avatar
    You can use it on any GSM or UMTS carrier with the same bands. MMS is impossible to make work if you're not on Verizon though. If you don't care for MMS it's great because the Verizon 8X is really cheap and includes wireless charging but if you need MMS look elsewhere. Also AT&T detects it as a smartphone so there's no reason to get the Verizon one over the AT&T one other than Qi charging, but you lose AT&T LTE compatibility which is more important. T-Mobile doesn't require data plans on devices purchased off contract and the Verizon 8X doesn't support AWS 3G so there really is no reason to use the Verizon 8X in the U.S. other than on Verizon.

    As long as he pays for the phone and doesn't quit without paying the ETF then there is no reason for them to blacklist the phone. A blacklisted Verizon phone might also still work on AT&T and T-Mobile, I don't ever remember hearing Verizon joining into the IMEI blacklist that AT&T and T-Mobile share.
    05-16-2013 10:57 PM

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