1. Tomanband's Avatar
    I was watching the Nokia conference last week, where they presented the Lumia 925. It appears that except for
    1) the new smartshoot (do I remember the name right?) app which will come to the lumia 920 with the Amber update too,
    2) the shape and weight of the phone
    3) an improved camera,

    it is essentially a Lumia 920! I personally prefer the looks of my L920, smarshoot will come soon via update, only thing left is the camera:

    Here is the camera module comparison Visualized: Lumia 925 Camera Module Vs. 920, 800 and N97 : My Nokia Blog Notice that the L920 and L925 have the same connector and same size as far as I can tell from the picture.

    So here's the idea:
    you can get L920 parts, like the camera from here Nokia Lumia 920 Rear Facing Camera|Back Camera and I expect they will soon have the L925 camera too. Thus it shouldn't be too complicated to swap the L920 camera for the L925 camera and have a hybrid L920/L925 , the Lumia 922.5 !!

    Do you think this is possible or will there be software problems?
    05-19-2013 10:45 AM
  2. naeem151287's Avatar
    Sounds interesting and I'd be willing to try it if I can get my hands on the 925 camera module. In theory, I don't expect any software issues but you can never tell. Wouldn't mind giving it a shot though!
    05-19-2013 11:30 AM
  3. peacefulberry's Avatar
    I would definitely try to get one with a cracked , but viewable screen to test it out, because that way if it somehow bricks or breaks or does anything unforeseeable, you won't kick yourself too much! :) But I say give it a try, you never know until you try. :)
    05-19-2013 11:43 AM
  4. Skynetz's Avatar
    Nice idea, can't wait to see someone try it :D
    05-19-2013 12:45 PM

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