1. deku13's Avatar
    I've had the 822 for the last 6 months and recently was hooked up with a cheap 8x. I just wanted to review a few noticeable differences...
    - Nokia apps. Creative studio, smart shot, cinemagraph and panorama are all great apps. Also the exclusives...
    - battery life is not even comparable on the 8x. Barely lasts a full 9 hours. Yes I play with it pretty frequently, but the 822 was much stronger, lasting usually about 12. Good thing the 8x came with the wireless charging.
    - camera. At first I thought 8x camera was awful, but after tweaking and mostly turning off the flash, its much better. I would say about even with the 822
    - screen. After using the bright 822 screen, I started to think the display was dismal on the 8x. Having used the 8x for a few days though, I've adjusted. I really liked the color production of the 822, but detail of 720p screen on the 8x is great along with side viewing. My guess is the 928 would win this round easily if I had one to compare.
    -design. I think the 822 was much nicer in person than I thought would be when I saw the first pictures. The 8x is too. In fact, damn, this is a sexy phone. HTC has a good thing going here.

    Overall, I'm highly impressed with the phone, but the lack of HTC support, as usual with any of their phones ( Android especially included) will make the 8x very disposable very soon. I already think I will be switching back to my 822 after nokia's amber update.
    05-19-2013 11:35 AM
  2. deku13's Avatar
    Also I'd like to note that the signal is much better on the 8x. I can actually text from my house, which wasn't possible on the 822. Big plus.
    05-19-2013 12:21 PM
  3. ikrish's Avatar
    i'd suggest you to compare them personally. the screen quality and build quality of 8x is way better than 822 . performance is almost same though. 8x gives back up for around 1 day , which whould be pretty much sufficient while 822 does give little more than 8x bcoz of its low resolution. ppl who charge it every night , that might not be a problem. 822 has some software issues too , so does many lumias , like freezing , SMS , MMS, restarting. while HTC seems to have fixed the issue by small update , while Nokia hasn't, since 2 months.
    07-15-2013 12:39 PM

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