1. flair77's Avatar
    How are you guys managing your calendar entries? Specifically appointments or birthdays?

    I need to put in a bunch of birthdays, anniversaries and reminders and need an alert (repeated yearly) on the homescreen like it was on the Nokia N8 - put in a birthday entry and you see a reminder on the calendar widget on the homescreen beginning a week in advance.

    Hopefully its possible on the W8 calendar, I really do not want any additional software.

    05-20-2013 03:28 AM
  2. montsa007's Avatar
    Hook up your phone with facebook (Get the microsoft app)
    Pin calendar to home screen (Medium or Full size tile)
    Let it pull data from hotmail calendar
    Relax and wish people on their birthday

    You can open calendar, swipr right to left, over here you will see 'agenda' and you can see all the birthdays and events.

    The alternate way is to do manual entry, which is old school.
    05-20-2013 03:51 AM
  3. flair77's Avatar
    Thanks there but its not just Birthdays that I want to remember. I'd like to put in stuff like insurance renewal, some payment due, medical test etc. and need a reminder for that.

    Like I said, need help on using the Calendar the phone comes with, I'm not looking for additional apps.
    05-20-2013 04:54 AM
  4. montsa007's Avatar
    Pin the calendar on your home screen and manually add entries about the stuff you want to be reminded about?
    No extra apps needed.
    05-20-2013 05:10 AM

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