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    Hello friends,

    Hope I’m not being repetitive in asking these questions.

    1. Nimbuzz (or any other IM) and IE get suspended when u get away from them….even my sweet Symbian Belle had the capability to multitask….Is this issue getting fixed?, any alternative to Nimbuzz or any other IM and IE for multitasking?
    2. In home page there is about half an inch space between the topmost tile and the top part of screen real estate, I have to manually move up the tile up by that “about half inch” space to as to optimally utilize screen space and make more tiles come up the screen. (Is there a fix or setting for making topmost tile automatically use that screen space?)
    3. Any setting for disabling the vibration of three buttons at the bottom screen and keyboard sound??
    4. Is there an app for “screen-lock” instead of physical middle button, I was unable to find the same in the Store.
    5. Lastly, how to clean “yellow” L720, any special material recommended???

    Thanks for your replies and suggestions……
    05-28-2013 12:38 AM
  2. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    1. It's simply the way WP multitasks. Also, while Whatsapp does run in the background, it's does great...in draining your battery. As for an alternative to IE, there is UC Browser, but both of them can't actively run in the background.
    2. It's really meant to be that way. You really want to accidentally tap a tile while you're checking how low your battery level is? How about that notification at the top of your screen? Remember, that space is there for the design to breathe. Blame the Metro design language if you must.
    3. Nope. Coming back to my Android phone, I actually miss haptic feedback. It's either haptic feedback or physical buttons (one of the reasons I'd actually considered going for a 710 or a 700 (yes, it's Symbian) for my phone)
    4. Nope. Though, I'd like a gesture (like swiping down from top to bottom) for that.
    5. Wet cloth. Good luck. (Matte devices are quite difficult to clean)
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    05-28-2013 01:51 AM
  3. nitiny8's Avatar
    Thanks for reply......but I guess the very purpose & spirit of IM like Nimbuzz, e-buddy and others dies if u cant message real time obviously with a decent tradeoff with battery.
    I was amazed to notice today that even normal "video call" through network too not allowed.....seriously missing my good old Symbian C7 :(
    05-28-2013 04:29 AM

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