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    I have purchased a Nokia Lumia 620, and I am not happy with some of the features that I noticed in music player and video player. Suppose I play a track in the Music Player, then It doesnt allow me to seek to any part of the track , I only have rewind or fast forward options possible,. This is soo irritating, in my old Symbian Nokia 500 , I could seek to any part of the song,

    The same thing happens when i Play a video in Youtube or dailymotion in Internet Explorer, no ability to seek to any part of the video, you are forced to fast-forward or rewind till that portion. and it is worse in video player, since you have to keep pressing the rewind button or fast forward button till you reach some part of the video.

    Also , I feel that the volume is too loud, even at the lowest volume level of 1, it blares, as if is on normal volume, this is true for both music and videos. Why is soo loud at the lowest volume ? Compared to my Symbian phone which used to be soft at lower volumes, and then used to increase in volume slowly.

    And looks like there is no way to refresh the music library ? What the hell is this ? I removed my micro SD card from the phone, and still it shows the songs which I have played earlier, why is there no way to refresh the music library ?

    The weirdest part is the memory issue in this phone, I have a micro SD card from my old phone, when I inserted the old micro SD card into the Nokia Lumia 620 and connected it to the computer, the computer does not recognize the phone at all. Neither SD card or internal memory of the phone shows up.

    And when I remove the micro SD card and connect the phone, then the phone gets detected. Then I checked the properties of the device storage. On the computer it shows 330 MB free with folders like Documents , Music, etc etc but when I disconnect the phone and check the properties under Settings it shows 4.32 GB free, ! Why does this happen ?

    Then I copied a music file from the computer to the phone under the directory Music, and the phone refuses to detect it in its music Player. Under the Phone Storage is shows Music+Videos 0 bytes. I turned the phone off and on many times, but it still refuses to detect the music file.

    There is no file browser software on the phone, to check what the actual storage or install applications. How can Nokia leave out such a basic thing , as a file browser ??

    And to top it all , no way to transfer contacts using the PC sync, or you have to upload it to SkyDrive, what if there is no internet connection and I want to transfer contacts from the computer to this new phone ? So i am forced to type all the contacts one by one.

    Seriously, there are so many problems , why the heck is Nokia Lumia 620 so clumsy to use , and not provide a decent interface like the old Symbian Phones ? I think Windows Phones are just jazzy, but functionality wise, they are sickening. !

    i am very disappointed with this phone I blew up 230 Euros for nothing, just to get a shiny jazzy piece but with pathetic functionality ! Unless I dont get a solution to any of these problems soon, I will be forced to sell off this phone and return to my old phone, Nokia 500 symbian is still better than this stupid thing !!
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    06-12-2013 05:03 AM
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    Let me answer 'some' of your queries.

    As for seeking a video in youtube, just put your finger on the dot at the seekbar (the current playing area, if you know what I mean) and drag it to the location you want, starts playing from there. For default videos and music, you can only rely on fast forward.

    I am not sure about the speaker of 620, but the 720 is soft at lower levels, it also depends on the video/song formatting and its own volume.

    You need to format the memory card using the wp8, and not insert it directly. Whenever you face any strange problem, just do a soft reset (Volume down + power together while the phone is on, leave the buttons on 1 vibrate), phone restarts and it should fix the issue.

    You may want to try connecting the phone on a different computer, sometimes that works?

    You can install 'Transfer my data' app which pulls contacts from old phone via bluetooth easily :), texts cant be copied.

    I have not used a 620 but I do know that its battery is weak for its hardware.

    -Install Lumia Pusher app and update all apps, get lumia storage check beta from lumia pusher
    -Format your memory card
    -Try connecting your phone on a different computer
    -Install the windows phone manager (from google)

    P.S. - Windows phones are very classic and easy to use, once you start using it you'll love it.
    06-13-2013 02:20 AM
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    File browser.... The closest to this is to use the lumia storage check app. It tells you which app takes up how much space.

    Volume on L620- works just fine. Haven't seen the lowest volume to be too loud. As montsa007 said, it may be the way your music is formatted.

    And windows phones are very easy to use.
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    06-13-2013 02:26 AM
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    Welcome to the world of Lumia ^^, Nokia got back 5~10 years on SmartPhone just to get a Shinny device... Changing from Symbian( a full featured OS) to WP8 (a full featured UI - User Interface) is hard, mainly with all the bugs on things that are supposed to work( connecting to PC just works without the memory card, playing music from memory card is a pain( theres a lot of people here suffering), save videos on card and you will see a sequence of photos with audio), for videos on youtube, use the oficial MS youtube app, it supports seek, playing on portrait, fast resume, etc. Way better than the native app that plays on IE(on native player I feel using a player from that old phones - just play until the end), can't believe that it was made by MS. Haven't played music on It yet, just online( the phone that came with my 620 is a shame) so can't help about it.
    06-13-2013 01:26 PM
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    I have a nokia lumia 620 and I have a problem with my music, I use my computer to move my music to the phone but when I hear the songs they play but no name appears, the music is there and gives but does not appear the name of the songs. The format I use is Mp3.
    07-30-2013 09:43 AM
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    I have a nokia lumia 620 and I have a problem with my music, I use my computer to move my music to the phone but when I hear the songs they play but no name appears, the music is there and gives but does not appear the name of the songs. The format I use is Mp3.
    Thats weird, try to remove all songs, insert just 1 song and see if it works?
    Make sure Xbox music sync is off!
    07-31-2013 03:42 AM
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    The most disappointing thing in this phone is definitely the music player and the video player interface. When you put an initial list of songs, it automatically detects artist names and stores them in a list, and displays them under the heading "Artists". Now if you remove that music collection and place the a new collection, the artist list does not get refreshed. It just adds the new list of artists, but the list of artists of the old collection which was present does not get deleted. There is No way to refresh the music library, a feature that was there even in low end Nokia smartphones like the Nokia Express music 5800. And I cannot seek to any part of a track , I have to keep pressing the fast forward or rewind button, that is soo irritating. Even an Ipod or a simple music player, would have the ability to seek to any part of the song without the need to continously press the fast-forward or rewind buttons. I would rate the music player interface worse than the Nokia Express Music 5800 's Music Player.

    However, the most irritating feature of this phone, definitely has to be the Stupid Bing search button on the right side. These phones are so sensitive to touch, that many times when I pick up the phone from my right hand, my finger accidentally presses that Stupid Bing Search and am faced with the stupid Bing Search screen. I understand that this is a Microsoft product, as much as it is a Nokia product. But if at all I wanted to use bing search, I could just use the Internet Browser (and after all they have installed Internet Explorer by default) and move to the Bing search page. They could have kept the default page as Bing search. As far as I am concerned, that Bing Search button is just a waste of space on the phone.

    Does anyone know how to disable it ?
    07-31-2013 03:59 AM
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    How do I turn off?
    When I put albums the name appears, but other songs not
    08-07-2013 01:37 PM
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    I have problem with music player in NOKIA LUMIA 520....When I play a track in the Music Player, then It doesnt allow me to seek to any part of the track , I only have rewind or fast forward options possible. plz help....!!!!
    10-27-2013 04:55 PM

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