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    Amazingly I just saw a EOS in person while taking my family on a tour of NYC yesterday. We were on a water taxi on the hudson river, and a family of four infront of us, the husband had a white EOS. It was white, and the entire camera bump was black, not just the top circle part that was shown in the leaked pictures. The overall shape was dead on with the leaked pictures, the plastic ones at least, as this was plastic. I can say with certainty that all the polycarb leak pics are real. However, I'm not entirely sure about the size. THe man was very tall with very large hands and the phone seemed quite large in comparison. I had my HTC 8x in my hands, unfortunatly not in a position to take a picture of it, but it seemed much larger than the 8x and by extension the lumia 920. I didn't seen the screen, but the size really stood out to me, and there have been rumors of a 4.7 inch lumia, perhaps the eos has a larger screen. Anyway, the fact that the man was using one in public I think at least confirms that July 11 we will see the EOS finally.
    06-21-2013 07:38 AM
  2. krox1105's Avatar
    And you couldn't ask him if you could see it -_-
    06-21-2013 07:42 AM
  3. nokia4life's Avatar
    06-29-2013 09:56 PM

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