1. khunhorm's Avatar
    Hi I have come across this problem.

    I bought a WIFI hotspot hours from some provider in my country.
    When I first connect to that Wifi hotspot on my 920, it open IE and redirect me to the wifi provider page that look like;


    I logon and use it fine.

    2 day later, I tried to do the same thing, my 920 redirect me to www.msftncsi.com/ncsi.txt which is a blank page.
    I have to open my laptop and tried to connect with laptop to know that the login page is


    I have to go to that long long link above manually just to be able to logon to the wifi.

    Since my Laptop redirect to this page fine, so I think the problem is with my 920

    What cause this? And how to fix it? Thanks
    06-24-2013 03:30 AM
  2. VegaNovus's Avatar

    Would recommend clearing your IE cache.

    Open IE > Settings and Delete History.

    Once this done, check advanced settings, make sure cookies are set to "Accept All"

    I don't know why it's sending you to http://www.msftncsi.com but a quick WHOIS of http://www.msftncsi.com shows that the page is owned by Microsoft, so the problem still could lie with the phone.

    More info: What do Microsoft and NCSI have in common? | TechRepublic

    Let me know the results

    EDIT: Oh also make sure "Website Preference" is set to Mobile Version

    06-24-2013 06:50 AM
  3. meandu229's Avatar
    This happens to me on a public wifi near me
    My phone redirects to http://www.msftncsi.com/ncsi.txt which is blank so I just remove the end and load
    http://www.msftncsi.com/ which allows me to login,, Try that.
    06-24-2013 07:12 AM
  4. khunhorm's Avatar
    Will try both tomorrow
    06-24-2013 09:25 AM
  5. khunhorm's Avatar
    Sadly neither work T_T
    06-25-2013 01:42 AM
  6. Niall Macquaide's Avatar
    I got this problem on my nokia lumina 520. My wesite preference was set to desktop instead of mobile. I changed this in settings and it worked.
    msxbox likes this.
    02-17-2014 09:14 PM

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