1. henhen59's Avatar
    my At&t lumia 920's screen stopped rotating yesterday. Its never been dropped, etc. I installed the accelerator app (by micheal kappel) and the arrows are stuck horizontally (whereas normally the arrows would be going berserk).

    so seems like my accelerator is stuck?!

    ive read that soft and hard resent doesnt work ( i tried soft reset already).

    many say by hitting it on the back a few times got theirs working again.

    i hit mine a few times...nothing happened..dont know whether to hit near the top or bottom....also afraid of hitting it too hard and breaking it.

    any advice? (p.s. im out of the usa now and there is no nokia care where i am)
    06-27-2013 09:09 AM
  2. stmav's Avatar
    Have you uninstalled the accelerator app, or is it still on your phone?
    06-27-2013 09:16 AM
  3. henhen59's Avatar
    the screen stopped rotating before installing the app....i installed the app after... only to see what the sensors were picking up
    06-27-2013 10:15 AM
  4. Huime's Avatar
    there is a hardware checker app in the store. You may want to try that out.
    06-28-2013 07:46 AM
  5. tdb1's Avatar
    The accelerometer on my 920 stopped functioning a while back with no apparent cause. I found forums where others had the same experience, so it happens. I had to exchange mine. I think you'll be in the same boat, but at least you should be under warranty. Good luck.
    06-28-2013 08:02 AM
  6. henhen59's Avatar
    all accelerometer apps i installed were after the screen stopped rotating....an those were to check the sensors which did not give any readings.

    some thing that could be noted is that when i was testing with an accelerometer app...even though no movement was registering....the phone got very hot!!!! of course the heat went away when i closed the app

    since im out of the country and wouldnt be back till december, im out of luck on taking it to anywhere...plus even if there was a place here, i dont even have my receipt to show for the warranty!

    SOLVED: well not really solved by my screen is back rotating and games and everything is rotating the way it should... how?

    i hit it a few times on the back like knocking on a door but nothing worked...may be not hard enough?
    i let it drop from 4-5 inches onto my desk (flat on its back) then checked ....and that didnt work.
    finally repeated dropping it onto my desk twice in rapid succesion as detailed above and IT WORKED!

    I read of others having the same problem and hitting it to get it to work...THE REAL QUESTION IS....DOES IT KEEP WORKING OR DID PROBLEM RETURN?!
    i dont know what to expect!
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    06-28-2013 04:40 PM
  7. charuwaka's Avatar
    Thank You Very Very Very Much henhen59,
    Mines Also Same Problem I also Dopped My Phone With Guard From 1 Feet 3 times.It Just Worked Like A Charm
    09-11-2013 08:57 PM
  8. Maserati Storm's Avatar
    Well, after installing leaked GDR2,mine stopped working. I tried dropping it but I end up replacing it.
    09-11-2013 09:05 PM
  9. YadeeshKumar KM's Avatar
    Hi All,

    My Lumia 720 Accelerator is not working , i tried all reset but still having issue , i bought it in dubai and no warranty in india, please help me in this issue
    11-07-2013 11:17 PM
  10. awphimura's Avatar
    Same problem I met on my TWO Lumia 920 phones(one is replacement). Tried soft reset, hard reset, flashing firms and even a replacement which got the same problem later. All didn't work... THE ONLY OPTIONS YOU SHOULD DO IS TO SLAP THE BACK OF YOUR PHONE HARDLY. It worked for me !!! The tip is after doing this turn on the App Sensor Emitter to check if all the sensors work properly. In my case I found the Accelerometer didn't work on my phone and finally I fixed it by this method
    11-21-2013 12:33 AM
  11. Jose Sathish's Avatar
    Great!!! I had also the same problem with my Lumia 820. I droped it twice from 10-20cm Height...IT WORKED!!!!
    11-07-2014 05:18 PM
  12. henhen59's Avatar
    just to update everyone... my sensor did get stuck again a few months after... i had to do the dropping thing to get it working again... since starting this post until now, my sensor got stuck twice and it was fixable
    07-17-2015 08:31 AM

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