1. Kerri Mcmahon's Avatar
    i took my kids mobile into logic solutions in grangemouth to have her screen replaced i paid 65 for this and when we got it home it wasnt working properly the screen was jumping ect so took it back, they told me it could be a lose cable so they fixed it but wen i got it back it was doing the same then after 10 mins the screen went blank so again i took it back 4 the 3rd time, they then emailed me telling me that they have already replaced the digitaliser 2x because they were faulty and even though it was only a new screen replaced the 1st time, and some1 in my house has cut the digitaliser cable completly and i need to pay another 40 4 a new 1 and im not under warrenty 4 this because they claimed it happened at home. i told them i wouldnt no were 2 start in disasemble the mobile 2 access the cable and they replyied saying that u can cut the cable without dismantling it, is this possable because i am convinced that they r talking crap and ripping me off i think they have damaged it and are looking to blame me
    07-14-2013 03:01 PM
  2. Tr00per's Avatar
    Why didn't you try it (the phone) out in the shop straight after it was (supposedly) repaired, instead of waiting till you got it home to do it ?. Makes sense to me.
    07-14-2013 06:53 PM

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