07-25-2013 02:20 PM
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  1. Keith Wallace's Avatar
    To clarify: I am not asking this question. I am a satisfied and enthousiastic WP user, and like most of you, slowly converting everyone around me.

    But with 70% or whatever of the smartphone world running Android, I think there's a lot of people who are asking this. Or at least we should hope there are, right? So I always like to see a review that gives Windows Phone a fair judgement. Especially one like this, that I can image would appeal to non-savvy users. They didn't do the Lumia enough justice, I agree, but I do think their outline of the main advantages and disadvantages of the operating systems was fair.

    I know we here would all like to see WP come out on top in every review, but this is a positive development right?? :) At least we're somewhat passed the 'not enough apps' thing...
    To be blunt, for the general population, I don't know that it's time to switch to Windows Phone yet. If you like having free apps, Windows Phone's not the best option. Plenty of paid apps have free versions on Android, while we mostly get trials, so there is more of a software-based commitment to make, from a financial standpoint. That, and there simply isn't a device out yet with the raw computing power of the new Snapdragon line, and while specs aren't the ONLY thing to watch for, the gains from the Galaxy S III's SoC (which is in the 920 and 1020) and the Galaxy S4's is a big leap, in some benchmarks (where the improvements were by almost double or more).

    I feel like Windows Phone offers the best experience, from an OS standpoint, but the OEMs for Windows Phone need to keep pace with (or surpass) what the android alternatives are bringing to the game, along with the still-present need to frequent app market expansion.
    07-25-2013 12:44 PM
  2. strikeIII's Avatar
    After 2 days with the 1020 I feel that the hardware that runs WP8 more than suffice. It's a really smooth and fast user experience. Quad-core and all the other high-end specs are not really needed for WP8. Excepting the challenge of using WP8 as my daily driver and putting my S4 Active and Note 2 in the drawer for 30 days is already taking a toll on me with the limitations of true Multi-Tasking and the fact that I can't connect to my work environment via VPN or Citrix which will allow me to use a File Explorer to access shared network drives. WP8 as solid as it may seem has a lot of limitations that previous Windows Phone versions (prior to WP7) had available for enterprise functionality. All my personal functions so far have been able to survive on WP8 espcially since I've found a lot of Apps that can access all my Google Services. With the exception to Google Hangouts for group chats.

    EDIT: Oh, and how I miss a swipe style keyboard.
    07-25-2013 01:45 PM
  3. Easycure1974's Avatar
    I'm all for constructive criticism but I think you are just trying to force your views on to other people even though they're not correct. Ok, talking about music playback, let's talk about audio quality shall we?

    I currently own the Lumia 920 and a pair of Shure SE535s. My music collection is lossless. I tried the Samsung Galaxy S4 briefly to see what the sound quality was like. I tried the stock player as well as several other apps (some of which I paid for). Let me tell you: the sound quality was absolutely awful! - the sound was distorted at high volume, even with the equalizer set to flat. The volume was too low - the S4 doesn't even have enough power to drive the SE535s! - it was so bad I actually felt it clouded the quality and enjoyment of the music so I actually stopped playback and didn't bother with it again. The music was very flat and tinny and was not worth my time.

    The only sound device that I am currently aware of that matches the 920 in audio quality is the 3rd generation iPod Touch. Even then for that I had to use a third party app.

    So why am I posting this in the 1020 forum? because I would imagine the audio quality to be the same in the 1020 as the 920, so it doesn't matter what device I mention. It just proves that the Galaxy S4 is awful when listening to music.

    You know that the S4 had a bug when released that made almost any headset besides the one delivered with the phone sound like crap? It was fixed after a month or so. So if you tried it with that bug it was not strange that it sounded crap
    07-25-2013 02:20 PM
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