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    I sat on a third roll in a van today when we were realized that we got lost. We were trying to go to a remote area school in the rural eastern of Thailand. There were 4 iPhones, 2 androids and my NL920 on that van. The driver turn on his navigation app on his, look like to be, a Sammy S3 or4 and told us that the school name couldn't be found on his phone. The owner of the, look like to be, Sony xperia something and I, found that school on our navigation system, Here Drive+ in my case. Trouble was, for the last 15 km, Here Drive+ said turn left but the Nav on xperia said turn right. But we were still like 50km away from the destination, so our nav still agree with each other. When we were about 25 km away, my NL920 lost GPS signal completely. This is, I think, due to the terrible weather, it was very very cloudy. But the xperia and the Sammy still have the GPS signal. At this point we made a call to the school and ask for a direction. Turned out, Here Drive+ gave the right direction.

    I didn't get any GPS signal at all until after the rain was pouring down for like 2 hours and the sky is clear again.

    Why is my NL920 have such a bad GPS signal? Anyone experienced the same?

    BTW, all 4 iPhone owners didn't bother with their map or nav app, in case you are curious.
    07-20-2013 09:48 AM
  2. Coreldan's Avatar

    BTW, all 4 iPhone owners didn't bother with their map or nav app, in case you are curious.
    Lol, this was the best part :D

    I havn't really experienced bad GPS reception, but I dont recall really using it in some terrible weather either. That said, I have neither had it compared with those other devices you listed, but the GPS reception seems on par with my earlier Nokia N8 as well as my fathers actual Garmin navigation system.
    07-20-2013 10:41 AM

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