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    Our company is loosening up just a bit. We can now choose between the iPhone, a Windows Phone or continue to use BlackBerrys.

    My hands on research: on the BlackBerry Z10, I created a Remember entry titled "Keyboard Test" and typed "The quick brown fox jumped..." smoothly. I then created another Remember entry titled "Copy & Paste Test"; went back to the "Keyboard" entry and proceeded to copy & paste a portion of the sentence to the "Copy & Paste" entry. It went pretty well; better than I had expected considering my aging eye sight and all of the posts on CrackBerry.com Re: copy & paste. I then went to the Lumia 928 and did the same in One Note. Again, the typing was smooth; however, for me, the whole exercise was more difficult on the 928. It took several stabs at the screen to be able to hi-light the text. I was able to read the letters on the both keyboards - again a surprise, considering I can't see them on my wife's iPhone 4. I've been using a BlackBerry Bold 9930 for more than a year. For me, I've got to be able to use my smartphone to get work done. My phone is not a game controller or micro-sized TV screen. It might become one later; however, for me, where the rubber meets the road is to be able to get things done and to do that I need to be able to copy & paste.Any advice that might sway me towards the 928...

    At this particular Verizon Wireless store (not just an authorized Verizon dealer), while fiddling with the Z10, 3 different Verizon sales reps asked me if they could help & I replied, "No thanks," and they left for another suck, er... uh... customer. I told the 4th rep the same thing but he continued to hang around and told me that I shouldn't bother with the Z10; that I'd just return it in 4 days. I pointed to the Lumia 928 (which I'm also considering) next to it and he said, "I wouldn't consider either one. I had it (the (928) for a while. It's too heavy; has no apps - neither do - and I couldn't get my iTunes on there; but it does take nice pictures." I said, "OK," and went back to swiping on the Z10. Who teaches these sales reps? What works or doesn't work for you could be the polar opposite of the customer's needs. Geez...
    07-20-2013 08:09 PM
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    The rep seems to be too invested into Apple's ecosystem to know or care about windows phone or BB. I again point out that we could do our part and try to educate the reps abt windows phone if Nokia/MS/Verizon have not done a decent job of educating them.

    Personally I would say Copy Paste works really well throughout WP OS, you select word and drag to select the area for copying. It became familiar to me after using it few times, it is quick and easy.
    Also Windows Phone IMO has the best Ease of Access settings like Text Size, contrast etc .. similar to big Windows 7 or Windows 8. So you can avoid small text if it bothers you. It is in Settings>ease of access.
    07-20-2013 08:16 PM
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    I have both a Q10 and 928 (actually also have a iPhone 4s and GSIII but not relevant to this topic). I would go with the 928 every single time. ITunes works great with it, and the app situation has gotten much much better since WP8 launched. Blackberry appworld seems pretty bad, and most of the apps I've used are ports of android versions (and I've had some problems with them). I use my 928 with my work exchange server and it works great (pin individual email folders to the start screen to go along with the rules I have set up). On top of all of this, SkyDrive integration works very well with my other computers, tablets and Xbox and it does take awesome pictures.

    I don't mind BB10, but its just 2-3 years to late and doesn't have much of a future. That said, the physical keyboard on the Q10 is great (but you were looking Z10 so I guess that doesn't matter)
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    07-20-2013 08:18 PM
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    I have to use a Z10 at work but typically use Android on my personal line. I am currently using a 928 and have spent a good bit of time with iOS. What I am telling you is, I have spent a good deal of time with the big 4 operating systems. It looks like Android is out for you so let's talk about the other 3. iOS obviously is a nice operating system. I personally find it boring and dislike the static home screen. That being said, it has the best app ecosystem. The app ecosystem may not be important to you, and I know a lot of WP users try to pretend like it does not matter. Unfortunately, that is not true. It does matter. Are there edge cases that really won't use the apps found in the various markets, yes, but by and large it matters. WP is a nice alternative to iOS. It does some things well like iOS and has some of the glanceable information with live tiles that you get with Android widgets. It does a good job of using its power efficiently and feels smooth when navigating. WP is not even close to being in the ballpark with iOS on apps but it is getting better and it looks like they are shoring up the third spot against Blackberry in the market share race. This will strengthen their push to get more apps. Finally, we have Blackberry. I was shocked at how much I like BB10. There are things I like about it over WP and iOS. Hub is cool and serves for a good area to check your notifications. The running apps area has live tile like functionality. The OS does not have any buttons, opting instead for a system of swiping gestures to navigate things. I like it a lot but there are some major negatives that can't be denied. First, it is ugly. It reminds me of the way iOS looks but now that iOS is updating to a more modern look, BB10 will be alone and the ugliest of the big 4 OSes. Two, app selection is really bad. It could get better with the fact that they can run Android apps and will be getting a more up to date java engine for doing this but it's bleak right now. Three, Blackberry is struggling as a company and that hurts the future usability of the device. You want updates and patches and such and who knows where or what BB will be in a year. MS is not going anywhere.

    So, all of that being said I think you would like WP and the 928 a lot, especially if you are not familiar with the app selection of Android and iOS because then you will not feel like you are stepping back. WP has a brighter future than BB. With regards to iPhone vs 928 that comes down to personal preference and I will assume that since you did not name the iPhone in the title, you are not really considering one.
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    07-20-2013 11:42 PM
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    If you ask this question in a different forum, you will probably get drastically different answers. You probably are, so let me try to answer your question. Its not about apps available or percent of adopters to me. If that were the case, I would have followed in sync to all the other iPhone/Android users. It was about usability. The live tiles will increase productivity because of the glaceable information you have at your screen. The Office, Skydrive, Skype and 365 will sync seamlessly with coporate business documents and contacts.
    07-21-2013 12:06 AM
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    I have to use a Z10 at work but typically use Android on my personal line.

    Didn't want to quote your whole post. Man I want to try a Z10. Something about that notification LED that just keeps calling me, and all the gestures.

    I saw all the keyboard functions on the Q10, those are pretty sweet too.

    Man I want it. Thanks for your mini review.
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    07-21-2013 12:59 AM
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    The store drones, that have no idea what XDA Developers is, this site or any other site will push what pays the most. Regardless of experience, hands on time with the device etc. Even people that use an iPhone (sadly) know more about the phones on display at a Retail Store than the employees..
    07-21-2013 08:23 AM
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    Didn't want to quote your whole post. Man I want to try a Z10. Something about that notification LED that just keeps calling me, and all the gestures.

    I saw all the keyboard functions on the Q10, those are pretty sweet too.

    Man I want it. Thanks for your mini review.
    Q10 is probably the best feeling hardware I've ever held, and the keyboard is awesome. If only it wasn't running BB10
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    07-21-2013 08:37 AM
  9. KCandSunshine13's Avatar
    Thank you for the feedback. I'm not going to let this visit determine my final decision. I'm going to another store later today (it'll be my 3rd visit to put my hands on the devices). As I mentioned, for me, it's about syncing my company's Outlook server with a device; apps don't figure into it. In fact, there is not one app that my co-workers have on their new iPhones that helps them do their (& my) job. MS Office functionality is a Bonus. We've been using a BlackBerry since the 7100 days (about 6+ yrs). On the Bold 9930, I can feel the keys even though I can't read them which if I couldn't read the Z10 or 928 keyboards, I'd get a Q10. So, for now the Q10 has probably been eliminated. Regarding company stability, it seems Verizon is driving a nail into the BlackBerry coffin due to their withholding the 10.1 update. I'll work with our IT guy to test drive each for 2 weeks; however, it won't be until after Verizon releases the 10.1 update (don't want to handicap one device vs the other). Keep the feedback coming if you've used both devices.
    07-21-2013 12:35 PM
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    One thing depends on your carrier. If you are on VZW, don't get the Z10. It reboots. There is supposed to be a patch coming, but there has BEEN a patch coming for months. It's still not here.

    The 928 is in the running for the best phone I've ever used. Everything just works. The app situation is about 1,000 times better than BB. The phone screen is better than BB, and at this point is the best of the WP8 phones available in the US. The mail clients are excellent. The SMS client also. Copy/paste is beautiful. The keyboard is the best stock keyboard anywhere. It looks professional in every way in terms of screen - it's very coherent. The only thing it's weak on is notifications, but that doesn't seem to be much of an issue. I love mine. I travel a lot and the apps, the screen, the communications, long battery life - everything makes it a great companion.
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    07-21-2013 12:51 PM
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    I have a Z10 and a 928, as well as an iPhone 5, GS4, and a variety of other hardware (my company does app development). I love the Z10...but even with 10.1 (it's on at&t) battery life is still questionable, especially in an lte area. The hub is great, and it works great with exchange. However, my daily driver is still my 928. For me its the email (still the best on wp8), the battery life, and some key apps. Number one for me is the Nokia conference app, which dials conference calls automagically. Number two is Skype, which is perfect on wp8 and terrible on a z10...slow and crashes. I am hoping that bb10 10.2 allows better battery life, and wider variety of android apps to be ported.
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    07-22-2013 12:39 AM

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