1. ozahran's Avatar
    I have had this 920 for a month or two. Never once has the store tile notifies me of an update to an app, and I have many installed. Now I know the update notifications aren't instant, but I waited for 5 days for it to notify me of the recent viber update before I gave up and manually updated it. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
    07-22-2013 10:37 AM
  2. Muessig's Avatar
    07-22-2013 10:44 AM
  3. walter1832's Avatar
    This is the first that I've heard of this issue.
    07-22-2013 10:44 AM
  4. ozahran's Avatar
    Just tried those tips, hopefully it fixes the issue.
    07-22-2013 12:44 PM
  5. ozahran's Avatar
    I've been getting tile updates for the past couple of days! Yay!!
    07-29-2013 10:28 AM

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